Mission Statement

To provide youth athletes with the opportunity to pursue the sport of track and field and provide them with all the tools to compete at a championship level.


Vision Statement

To provide opportunities for youth through track and field that transitions them into the consummate student/athlete at the collegiate level. Through our programs, we aim to develop world class athletes not just in talent, but also in character, strength, and intelligence. We strive for our athletes to be scholarship athletes on, and off the track.

My Campaign for USATF Youth Chair

I have spent the last year truly contemplating my next venture in track and field volunteerism. I have spent over 35 years in the sport on all sides of it; as an athlete, parent, coach, administrator, volunteer, and meet director, etc. Choosing to realign the mission of my organization included stepping away from coaching to really analyze how I wanted to impact the sport that has given so much to me. For me, it has been a long enduring process. I usually do not take this much time to make any decision in my life. But honestly, I love coaching to the core…. And stepping away was, and is, difficult. A part of me will always be a coach and I will always coach in some form.


But like all my ventures in track and field volunteerism, the opportunities seem to find me. When I offered my coaching services to New Birth Track & Field, I only wanted to assist in coaching. I didn’t know it would turn into a position as Head Coach. When the Athletics Ministry ended there, I didn’t know that my parents would urge me to start Premier Athletics, to direct and be a Founder of an emerging youth organization. And I didn’t know that my love for Cross Country would lead to the AAU District Chair asking me to lead the XC program for AAU Georgia. All of these opportunities I did not seek, but they all led to outstanding accomplishments… many of which are collaboration efforts that led to National Championships, hosting a XC National Championship for AAU, and building great relationships across the sport.


So, in April of this year, Dexter McCloud, current USATF Georgia President, announced a concept called “Youth Tracktown USA”…. “To create an integrative community of support and resources to help our youth category succeed.”

I was immediately intrigued because in my efforts to realign the mission and strategic plan for Premier Athletics, many of his concepts aligned with what I wanted to do from an organizational standpoint, as well as speaking to some of my passions. I responded to him with an email… where some of my comments were:

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