Mission Statement

To provide youth athletes with the opportunity to pursue the sport of track and field and provide them with all the tools to compete at a championship level.


Vision Statement

To provide opportunities for youth through track and field that transitions them into the consummate student/athlete at the collegiate level. Through our programs, we aim to develop world class athletes not just in talent, but also in character, strength, and intelligence. We strive for our athletes to be scholarship athletes on, and off the track.

As we combed through our data as an organization, we found some very interesting and compelling information. After a careful analysis of that data, we decided as an organization to revise the focus of our organizational activities in youth athletics. Our main goal has always been to help foster the proper environment for the consummate student/athlete. To provide the proper tools, training and guidance to help our athletes to compete at a high level without sacrificing their academics. In addition, we wanted to be the bridge for our athletes and families to have continuity as they continue their journey with track and field.... hopefully to scholastic track and field, and hopefully and eventually, collegiate athletics.

However, we found many challenges along the way that caused us to revisit its feasibility in a club team environment. Therefore, going forward in 2017, we are no longer going to field a competitive track and field team of athletes. We will continue to provide our experience and knowledge to the sport, and also continue to provide support to youth athletes that we feel are emblematic of our mission. However, we will not be coaching athletes in a club team environment.

There are many reasons for this change in direction and vision. It is our desire to share our strategic plan and the history of our program along with all the data that we gathered as insight into our experience as a club team in the Georgia Youth athletics arena. We invite you to visit our site over the next few months to read our findings, discuss them among the coaches, parents, and athletes in the Georgia track community. In addition, we hope it creates a forum of discussion for improvement in the club, high school, and collegiate track communities as a catalyst to help make Georgia one of the "premier" states in track and field.

Our desire going forward is to foster the growth of youth athletics by providing support to athletes that are recognized as meeting our vision. We hope to provide travel grants to promising young athletes aspiring to compete in National Championships and Junior Olympics..... possibly even Youth World Championships. Eventually, we would also like to provide scholarship assistance to those athletes who are emblematic of our concept of the Consummate Athlete..... a champion on the track, in the classroom, and in the community. We hope that you will support us and participate in recognizing and supporting these young and promising youth athletes.