Mission Statement

To provide youth athletes with the opportunity to pursue the sport of track and field and provide them with all the tools to compete at a championship level.


Vision Statement

To provide opportunities for youth through track and field that transitions them into the consummate student/athlete at the collegiate level. Through our programs, we aim to develop world class athletes not just in talent, but also in character, strength, and intelligence. We strive for our athletes to be scholarship athletes on, and off the track.

I recently had conversations with track advocates in Georgia about the need to certify coaches; what defines a coach? Because we need more qualified coaches to teach youth athletes proper instruction. While I agree with this, I think that with this specific problem, athlete retention, certifying coaches is not the answer. Often, I believe that parents may need a method of identifying which organization speaks to their interest level. In our organization, we are serious about track and field and desire to compete at the highest level. Provide the highest level of instruction as possible, and measure performance in a manner that will be consistent at the next level; scholastic or collegiate. While all parents want that, we found that in reality, they are not ready to commit to that level of preparation. But there are some coaches that simply want to work with children to give them an outlet in the sport. Others may want to prepare them for scholastic athletics. How do we help identify how organizations approach youth track and field? What are organizations emphasizing in their programs to provide for parents? And can we give parents a graduated manner in which to participate in the sport? These may be questions we may need to consider if athlete retention is important to the track and field community.

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