Mission Statement

To provide youth athletes with the opportunity to pursue the sport of track and field and provide them with all the tools to compete at a championship level.


Vision Statement

To provide opportunities for youth through track and field that transitions them into the consummate student/athlete at the collegiate level. Through our programs, we aim to develop world class athletes not just in talent, but also in character, strength, and intelligence. We strive for our athletes to be scholarship athletes on, and off the track.

Premier Charts New Direction

Premier Athletics Coaches (from L to R) General Manager Ray Freeman, Hurdles Coach Trina Stroud, and Executive Director Charles Muhammad.

This year, Premier Athletics Track Club celebrates five years of competitive youth track and field. In retrospect, we are very proud of the accomplishments we have attained. Looking through our time as an organization, we have come in contact with many families, great athletes, and tons of people who love and support youth track and field. In addition, we have established our organization and brand as a staple on the Georgia and Southeast track community as a well-rounded organization and a competitive youth team. In completion of our fifth year of existence, we are excited about what we have accomplished and the possibilities of what is to come.

However, as a non-profit organization, we often measure ourselves against our mission, our vision, and our organizational goals. Every year, we look at what we accomplish in relation to our goals and we measure our level of success against what we feel defines us as an organization. In 2015, we began to analyze our performance against our mission statement and our vision statement and develop a strategic plan to ensure that our organization is constantly moving in the direction of our organizational goals.

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